Specialist in UK and European breeding stock transport.
Professional Livestock Hauliers

About us

Livestock TransportNeil has been dedicated to high health breeding livestock transport for 30 years coming from a family farming background which had a high health pig herd calf rearing unit and a flock of breeding ewes.

The ability to care for animals in transit has come from years of hands on experience with livestock, knowing when the livestock in your care is in distress and needs special care is essential on any movement together with detailed journey organisation preparation of the vehicle and the total commitment to the animal wellbeing.

From 30 years of working for breeding and AI companies the need for a clean well specified vehicle is more important today than ever before with new health problems emerging each year the vehicle cleanliness is of upmost importance together with a vehicle which goes much further in its specification than the law requires working well in front of any new legislation rather than try to keep up with it.

Services available

  • UK All parts covered for all types of livestock
  • IRELAND Regular collections and deliveries of breeding livestock
  • EUROPE Deliveries and collections to and from most parts of Europe for pedigree breeding livestock only.
  • Direct accounts held with all the major Ferry companies


The drivers/ company and vehicles are all licenced for over 12 hour livestock transport by Defra. ABM/Red tractor certification


Our company is insured with the national farmers union

Central location

Based in Staffordshire we are ideally placed in the centre of the country for economic transport to or from any place in the UK.