Specialist in UK and European breeding stock transport.
Professional Livestock Hauliers

Animal Care

Livestock TransportWhilst in our care all livestock are treated as the main priority we have fitted hay /feed racks and 3 different types of water drinkers supplied from a gravity fed water tank so not relying on the vehicles electrics and can be kept on permanently without the risk of running the vehicles battery flat .

Each pen has a drinking bowl and a large cattle bite/nipple water drinker [ pigs have 4 drinkers per pen] and a feed rack which can take either hay or haylage also we use large amounts of a high quality straw /shavings mixture together with normal straw, typically we would use 1 mixed straw/shavings bale plus 1 normal straw per pen guaranteeing arrival in show condition and totally unstressed and calm, with 6 access doors on the side of the vehicle feed and bedding can be replenished in total safety .