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Livestock TransportGPS Tracking and Telematics System

GPS Tracking and Telematics system

We have invested a considerable amount of time and money working with a Competitive Tracking Ltd over the last 5 years developing a state of the art and totally reliable satellite tracking and telematics system with full data communications and alerting features .


  • Position updates every minute anywhere in the UK or Europe
  • Position updates when vehicle turns more than 30 degrees
  • Multiple alerting features (any input can be alerted on)
  • Harsh acceleration and braking updates
  • Impact alerts
  • Anti-theft alerts
  • Multiple Geofences can be simply created to inform customers of vehicle arrival and can update on travel progress by email automatically if required
  • Customer can be given access to a the web based mapping software or iphone app

Livestock container

  • Temperature readings taken on every above update and sent to driver and the office
  • Tailboard operation is fully monitored for open or shut
  • Cooling fan operation is fully monitored
  • High and low temperature warnings sent to driver / office and to any mobile phone or email address if required
  • Fans automatically turned on with high temperature warning