Specialist in UK and European breeding stock transport.
Professional Livestock Hauliers

Vehicle SpecificationLivestock Transport

Vehicle specification;

  • External cameras with warning signs making other road users aware that their actions around the vehicle are being recorded stopping any severe movements near the vehicle and enables safe passage of all livestock.
  • Soft air ride suspension protects all livestock from the harshness of todays potholed roads.
    Low profile tyres together with height adjusted air suspension enables very low loading ramp angles

Livestock container specification;

  • Internal cameras enable the driver to make sure all livestock are safe
  • Cooling fans with back up generator
  • Large waterproof feed storage boxes for extra feed and bedding
  • Feeders and drinkers for all animals
  • Gate settings every 1ft
  • 50% ventilation adjustable every 2ft
  • Plain white to reflect heat
  • Hydraulic second deck flat lifting floor
  • 6 side access inspection doors
  • Disinfectant footbath and sprayer